Welcome to the United Methodist Church of Le Mars website. I am glad you have chosen to spend a few moments looking around, meeting our church’s people and investigating our ministries. When I describe the church to others, I use words like “community” and “servants.”

We are a group of people committed to transforming hearts, minds, and lives by the gracious love of Christ. That means we worship him with joy. That means we encourage prayer in church and throughout life. That means we gather together in small groups to support one another. That means we express love to people outside the church in tangible ways.

Our hope is that all people will feel loved and welcomed at the United Methodist Church of Le Mars. And once here, we pray that people will encounter the living Christ. We want that for you. Come as you are. Check us out, but more importantly, seek the one who sets people free.

While you are browsing our website, you will learn about our programs and get a glimpse of who we are, but only a glimpse. To fully get to know us, come visit us on a Sunday morning. I believe you will find an authentic group of followers who want you to be a part of our life together. Enjoy the website, then come. We’d love to meet you and get to know you.

Grace and Peace

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

(Closed on Holidays)